Junior Cricket

 Focus is on having fun whilst learning the basic elements of cricket

  • Catching, throwing, picking up ball on the run, stopping the ball
  • Basic batting – less concerned with technicalities of grips and more interested in hitting the ball – let them “find a way” within coach guidance
  • Introduction to bowling
  • Played with tennis balls.
  • To create players who will have the opportunity to transition to adult teams during their teens
  • To create players who have a life long love of the game
  • To create equal opportunities for girls and boys to enjoy and play cricket
  • To allow players to be stretched by playing in higher age groups if their abilities allow this
  • Lots of games, variety and focus on ensuring they want to come back the following week!

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are starting new projects for promotion of cricket in Bayern. We have new ideas for promotion of cricket among women, children and local Germans. We need support of sponsors. Please contact us if you have good ideas!